Missile Baits Neko Weights

Specifically designed for the deadly Neko-rig finesse technique, the Missile Baits Neko Weights will help you create the perfect Neko-rig presentation and take the hassle out of rigging soft plastics. Featuring a unique bullet-shaped design, the Missile Baits Neko Weights easily insert into soft plastics and provide a firm hold, which eliminates the need to use messy glues to avoid accidental weight losses from aggressive fish battles or making long casts. They also feature a rounded head that is designed to sit outside of the soft plastic and make contact with the bottom, giving anglers better feedback and increased sensitivity. Pair them up with your favorite finesse style soft plastic, the Missile Baits Neko Weights will make a welcomed addition to your finesse tackle box.

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Missile Baits Neko Weights

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