New Missile Baits Quiver 6.5 (12 Pack)

The Quiver 6.5 is a 6.5” long straight worm that is designed specifically for the two hottest bass fishing techniques- the Neko rig and the Tokyo rig. Taking an extended look of the very popular Ned Bomb, the super soft, ribbed body has a blunted head on the front for inserting Neko weights and sturdy rigging on the Tokyo rig. The back of the Quiver 6.5 has a thin beaver like tail that quivers with the slightest touch and bass can’t resist. The Quiver 6.5 is exactly what anglers need to learn and master the Neko rig and Tokyo rig with a larger profile. 12 Per Pack

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Missile Baits Quiver 6.5 (12 Pack)

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