Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook

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The Hayabusa Fishing WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP answers the bass fishing finesse challenge!  Wacky worming in bass fishing is an essential fishing technique at various points during tournament season. Hayabusa Fishing created the WRM 202 Weedless Wacky SP for bass anglers who need a 100% weedless wacky worm presentation.  Though wacky worm finesse fishing is associated with less cover, experienced bass fishermen know that timber, weed, and grass-dominated areas in lakes, rivers, and ponds provide a natural habitat for bass to hide and feed.  The WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP makes those cover types more accessible to wacky worm fishing.  Forget all the frustrations associated with wacky worms, tangles, and snags!  Instead, by using the WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP, bass anglers can maximize their attempts to trick cautious bass into striking and/or feeding with a more finesse presentation in cover-dominated areas.

The WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP features Hayabusa Fishing’s innovative Original Loop Stopper (holds soft plastics in place, prevents baits from sliding down) and curved u-shaped, sharp hook – both of which increase the amount of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass anglers catch and decreases the amount of time you spend retrieving snagged soft plastics.  Due to the curved U-shaped hook, your favorite soft plastic stick bait will collapse upon the hookset.  Bass fishermen employ power fishing techniques when fish are aggressive, but they also use finesse fishing when fish bite sluggishly. This uniquely designed fishing hook makes this finesse presentation possible.

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Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook

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