Hayabusa EC926 Brush Easy Jig Head

If the goal is to introduce largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass to tantalizing, must-strike bass fishing soft plastics, the presentation absolutely requires the right type of terminal tackle fishing hook. The Brush Easy Jig Head is a multi-purpose and versatile fishing hook option for bass fishermen who want to dissect larger vegetation areas and locate actively feeding bass or aggressive, protective bass. The jig head resembles a traditional mud black shakey head, but Hayabusa designed this weed guard jig head to work in different types of cover. The Brush Easy Jig Head is similar to the often-used Beat Roller. Bass fishermen use both jig heads for mid mid-strolling finesse fishing presentations, but the Brush Easy Jig Head is better equipped for vegetation and timber.

Prior to purchasing a specific hook size and weight, bass anglers should consider the different weed guard options. The #2 fishing hook options have a Double guard while the #1 fishing hook options have a Twin Double guard. Both hook sizes and each size’s different jig head weight options work in a productive manner with the assigned type of weed guard. Hayabusa Fishing designs many bass fishing products with weed guards, but the Brush Easy Jig Head utilizes the latest weed guard technology. Smaller profile baits work best with this jig head, but craw soft baits, artificial worms, and creature soft baits rule the day when sizes are matching accordingly. Many bass anglers will use light spinning tackle and light fishing line to replicate how baitfish retreat and swim.

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Hayabusa EC926 Brush Easy Jig Head

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