Beast Coast

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Beast Coast 3.8" Flippin' Delight

After a year of playing with prototypes, the 3.8'' Flippin Delight has arrived. We genuinely feel th..


Beast Coast 4.15" Bladerunner

The NEW 4.15'' Bladerunner is designed with the perfect profile to run behind your Jackhammer, or an..


Beast Coast Hustler Hybrid Finesse Jig

***3/8 Oz and 1/2 Oz sizes are currently transitioning to a size 3/0 hook. ATTENTION: Screwlock..


Beast Coast L-Metal Sniper Jig

LEAD VERSION. The O.W. (Open Water) Sniper Jig is ready to wreak havoc on pressured, clear-wate..


Beast Coast Tungsten Compound Baby Dozer

Developed with mixed bag lakes in mind; the Tungsten Compound Baby 'Dozer was developed to help you ..


Beast Coast Tungsten Compound OW Sniper Jig

ATTENTION: Molded with Tungsten Compound. The O.W. (Open Water) Sniper Jig is ready to wreak ha..


Beast Coast Tungsten Lil' Magnum

Designed to be the ultimate compact flipping and pitching jig, the Tungsten Lil' Magnum has arrived...


Beast Coast Tungsten MAX Feel Football Jig

ATTENTION: Molded with Tungsten. The premier deep dragging jig has arrived. Perfectly shap..


Beast Coast Tungsten Vanquish Flippin' Jig

ATTENTION: Molded with Tungsten. The Vanquish Jig was developed to come through any cover, than..