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Hayabusa 929 2/0 Trailer Hook System - 10 Pack

Trailer hooks make spinnerbaits and buzzbaits deadly fishing tools! The type of cover prevalent in..


Hayabusa 958 Wide Gap Screw Lock Weighted Hook - 6 Pack

Pro bass angler Ken Iyobe and Hayabusa Fishing worked together to create the s..


Hayabusa DSR132 Finesse Drop Shot

Hayabusa Fishing created the black matte DSR132 Finesse Hook for traditional&nbs..


Hayabusa DSR132HD Finesse Drop Shot Heavy Duty

The black matte EC09471 is a Heavy-Duty hook model for drop shot fishing and other light s..


Hayabusa EC926 Brush Easy Jig Head

If the goal is to introduce largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass to tantalizing, must-..


Hayabusa FPP Straight Heavy Duty Worm Hook

Hayabusa Fishing engineered the FPP Straight Hook to flip, pitch, and punch for big b..


Hayabusa FPP Straight Worm Hook - Muti Pack

Hayabusa Fishing engineered the FPP Straight Hook to flip, pitch, and punch for big bass..


Hayabusa Lil Schmitty Swim Jig

Hayabusa USA and professional bass angler Bryan Schmitt collaborated to produce ..


Hayabusa TBL 930 NRB Nickel Treble Hooks - 6 Pack

The Hayabusa Fishing TBL 930 Nickel Treble Hooks enable anglers to change treble hooks on their fa..


Hayabusa Trailer Lock - 4 Pack

The Hayabusa Fishing Trailer Lock is a very effective and versatile accessory for several applicat..


Hayabusa WRM 201 Wacky Hook - 12 Pack

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM 201 Wacky bass fishing hook introduces fishermen to the standard, tr..


Hayabusa WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset Hook - Multi Pack

Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset fishing hook to accommodate thicker, bulk..


Hayabusa WRM 959 Wide Gap HD Offset Hook - Multi Pack

Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty fishing hook for superio..


Hayabusa WRM114HD Round Bend Offset Hook

The WRM114HD is an extra strong A beefed-up version of Hayabusa’s traditional offset worm ..


Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP answers the bass fishing finesse challenge! ..