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Hayabusa 929 2/0 Trailer Hook System - 10 Pack

Trailer hooks make spinnerbaits and buzzbaits deadly fishing tools! The type of cover prevalent in..


Hayabusa 958 Wide Gap Screw Lock Weighted Hook - 6 Pack

Pro bass angler Ken Iyobe and Hayabusa Fishing worked together to create the s..


Hayabusa FPP Straight Heavy Cover Hook - Muti Pack

Hayabusa Fishing engineered the FPP Straight Hook to flip, pitch, and punch for big bass..


Hayabusa TBL 930 NRB Nickel Treble Hooks - 6 Pack

The Hayabusa Fishing TBL 930 Nickel Treble Hooks enable anglers to change treble hooks on their fa..


Hayabusa Trailer Lock Small - 4 Pack

The Hayabusa Fishing Trailer Lock is a very effective and versatile accessory for several applicat..


Hayabusa WRM 201 Wacky Hook - 12 Pack

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM 201 Wacky bass fishing hook introduces fishermen to the standard, tr..


Hayabusa WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset Hook - Multi Pack

Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset fishing hook to accommodate thicker, bulk..


Hayabusa WRM 959 Wide Gap HD Offset Hook - Multi Pack

Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty fishing hook for superio..