Missile Baits

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Missile Baits Baby D Bomb 21 Pack (Exclusive Colors are a 30 Pack)

The Baby D Bomb is the smaller offspring to the extremely popular D Bomb. The 3.65” Baby D has a s..


Missile Baits Craw Father 21 Pack

The Craw Father is the offer that no bass can refuse. This 3.5” craw bait has subtle thumping acti..


Missile Baits D Bomb 25 Pack

Pitching and flipping has a new go-to bait. D Bomb is a bulky 4 ” creature bait with a unique ribb..


Missile Baits D Stroyer 12 Pack

Not just for pitching and flipping, the Missile Baits D Stroyer offers versatile performance that ..


Missile Baits Ned Bomb 20 Pack

The Ned Bomb Utilizes the ribs and the thin beaver shape tail to give anglers something they don't h..


Missile Baits Twin Turbo 16 Pack

The Missile Baits Twin Turbo is one of the most versatile twin tail baits on the market. It  ..