Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle
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Hayabusa DSR132HD Finesse Drop Shot Heavy Duty

The black matte EC09471 is a Heavy-Duty hook model for drop shot fishing and other light s..


Hayabusa EC926 Brush Easy Jig Head

If the goal is to introduce largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass to tantalizing, must-..


Hayabusa FPJ960 Jigheads 2/0 4pk

Small in stature but big in performance, the Hayabusa FPJ960 Multi-Purpose Jig Head is the perfect j..


Hayabusa FPP Straight Heavy Duty Worm Hook

Hayabusa Fishing engineered the FPP Straight Hook to flip, pitch, and punch for big b..


Hayabusa WRM 962 Power Wacky Hook 1/0 12pk

The Hayabusa WRM962 Power Wacky Hook offers a finesse style design that allows anglers to ..


Hayabusa WRM114HD Round Bend Offset Hook

The WRM114HD is an extra strong A beefed-up version of Hayabusa’s traditional offset worm ..


Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP answers the bass fishing finesse challenge! ..


Hayabusa WRM962WG Special Wacky Wire Guard 1/0 10pk

Built for fishing in areas where weeds and grass can be problematic, the Hayabusa WRM962WG Spec..


Missile Bag

The Missile Bag is great for storing multiple bags of soft plastics or any other items you may need...


Missile Baits Neko Weights

Specifically designed for the deadly Neko-rig finesse technique, the Missile Baits Neko Weights will..


Owner Twistlock Centering Pin Springs - 16 Pack

The Owner Twistlock™ Centering Pin Springs 8-Pack attach to hook eyes to allow most soft plastic bai..


Power Pro Super8Slick V2 Braided Line - Moss Green

The Power Pro Super8Slick  Moss Green Braided Line is EBT coated 8-carrier braided fishing line..


Shur-Set Ned Jig - 15 Pack

15 Pack Ned Head Jig black. 3 different sizes...


Spike It - Aerosol Worm Dye

Spike-It Dip-n-Glo Plastic Worm Dyes are specially designed for dipping plastics such as worms, grub..


Spike It - Double Marker 2pk

Spike-It™ Scented Markers quickly customize or change the color of any soft plastic lure to meet cha..


Spike It - Spray Scents

Tournament Strength Fish Attractants have the scent that puts fish on the end of your line. Formulat..


Strictly Bass Skirts 3pk or 4pk

Great skirts for spinnerbaits or maybe even jigs made by Strictly Bass. 3 or 4 pack..


Z Man Pro Shroomz (8 Pack)

Featuring the mushroom shaped head preferred by Ned Rig enthusiasts and a welded wire keeper that gr..