Football Jigs

Football Jigs
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Beast Coast L-Metal Sniper Jig

LEAD VERSION. The O.W. (Open Water) Sniper Jig is ready to wreak havoc on pressured, clear-wate..


Beast Coast Tungsten Compound Baby Dozer

Developed with mixed bag lakes in mind; the Tungsten Compound Baby 'Dozer was developed to help you ..


Beast Coast Tungsten Compound OW Sniper Jig

ATTENTION: Molded with Tungsten Compound. The O.W. (Open Water) Sniper Jig is ready to wreak ha..


Beast Coast Tungsten MAX Feel Football Jig

ATTENTION: Molded with Tungsten. The premier deep dragging jig has arrived. Perfectly shap..


Shur-Set Football Head Jig 25 Pack

Built to provide a quick vertical drop and a seductive rocking motion on the bottom, the Shur-Set Fo..