Soft Stick Baits

Soft Stick Baits
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Berkley MaxScent Lil' General 2.75" - 8 Pack

2.75" stick bait profile with ribbed texture to kick up debris and provide more surface area for max..


Berkley Maxscent The General

Now available in eye-popping firetail colors! The all-new material releases a super-charged scent fi..


Missile Baits Ned Bomb 20 Pack

The Ned Bomb Utilizes the ribs and the thin beaver shape tail to give anglers something they don't h..


NetBait Finesse Worm - 20 Pack

When NetBait set out to design their finesse worm they had three main objectives. First, they wanted..


Yamamoto Senko - 20 Pack

The Yamamoto Senko is widely known as the most versatile and successful soft plastic bass bait ever ..


Yum Dinger (30-32 Pack)

The YUM Dinger was designed to be fished in a variety of ways, Texas rigged, wacky style, on a Car..


Z Man Big TRD - 18 Pack

Incorporating the familiar profile and irresistible action found in the hugely popular Finesse TRD..


Z Man Finesse TRD 24 Pack

The Finesse TRD (The Real Deal) is designed specifically for the Midwest finesse style of fishing,..